Here we are, four years or so since I first published this web site. Then I covered many areas, such as Glasgow architecture and street scenes, portraiture, events - mainly football and golf - and the early beginnings of astrophotography and a few landscapes. Today I have a clearer vision on where I want my photography to go. Although my work can and does encompass all of the area mentioned above, my main focus, (if you'll excuse the pun!), is in astrophotography and landscapes. With a nice bridge between the two with twilight star studded landscapes!

The astrophotography has not been without its challenges; I have been close to giving on deep space images on a few occasions. But I have persevered, and in my capacity as a council member of the Astronomical Society of Glasgow, I am now occasionally sought out by those looking for advice on all things astrophotography.

As for landscapes, I have finally, (belatedly!) turned my attentions to the photo opportunities that exist here in Scotland. One can travel the world and be confronted with outstanding scenes, (great if you can!). However, there are outstanding scenes to be viewed and photographed just up and down the road from Glasgow. Shame on me for taking so long to take advantage of my location here in Glasgow!

Colin Robb January 2017